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People are our most valuable asset. That is why we focus mainly on the relationships between colleagues, collaborators and clients. Each team member works with passion and enthusiasm, brings in ideas and initiatives and approaches the activity with professionalism and ethics. Our innovation-oriented vision, together with  continuous training, seminars and team building activities, lead the entire team to personal and professional growth.


Open positions:

Due to very large volumes of work, we are permanently expanding our translators and interpreters database.

To ensure highest quality services we work with the best translators and interpreters, complying with the European Standard for Translation Services RO EN ISO 15038.


Selection criteria for new freelance translators and interpreters:


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Academy of Translations’ mission is contributing to its clients’ success.

Therefore, the secret of our success lies in our passion for specialized translations and in our deep knowledge of the clients’ industries. Every day, we learn from our clients’ success and line of business, each translator being specialized in a certain industry.

Our permanent concern with innovation, world economy and industry-specific trends, is fundamental to our ability to complete translation projects above the clients’ expectations.

Our success is also due to professional development and to the fact that we are permanently preoccupied with improving services and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Every year, we attend premium seminars and specialized trainings to be the best and keep in touch with the latest trends on the translation market.

Each team member strictly complies with the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001 and with the European Standard on Translation Services 15038, thus ensuring exceptional service quality.

Team members are professionally assessed on a monthly and yearly basis.

We believe success is more than money. It is a balance between the passion you pour in your work, personal life, hobbies, family and health.


Over 5,000 satisfied clients, including Fortune 500 companies

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